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Today’s technology is making it easier than ever before for property managers to receive accurate water, gas, and electricity meter readings, and monitor usage wirelessly online or on a mobile device. Commercial Water & Energy (CWE) works with the industry’s top meter reading equipment manufacturers to deliver products with this advanced technology to the clients we serve. Our extensive experience enables us to recommend the ideal utility meter reading system that meets the unique needs of virtually any multi-family property.

When it comes to Billing and Metering, Go Wireless!

There are many advantages that are both cost-effective and beneficial to the property’s operations.

CWE’s strategic partners include, but are not limited to, Inovonics®, Meterlogix®, Leviton®, Master Meter®, and Norgas®. Working together, we can help you find the right system solution to accurately measure individual residents’ utility consumption, wirelessly transmit usage data, and bill residents directly for their use.

Are you interested in implementing a utilities management program within your multi-tenant property? Or, do you want to change from a current service provider who is not giving you the service you desire? With Commercial Water & Energy (CWE), getting oriented to a new utility billing process is easy. CWE specialists will help you determine the automated meter reading systems that are most appropriate for your facility, and provide your staff with hands-on training and around-the-clock support. If you’re making the switch to utility allocation with CWE as a new service provider, we guarantee a maximum of two years for you to realize an energy payback on your capital equipment investment. Get started and make the switch today by contacting CWE.

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