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Web-based Billing

Make it easy for your tenants to pay and access their water, electricity, or natural gas utility bill, as well as a host of other bills from trash and valet services to rent and pest control, online with property management web-based billing software from Commercial Water & Energy (CWE). Every tenant receives a unique security code that allows them 24/7 access to their account online where they can review their account information through a secure, web-based resident portal. At any time, they can view their current bill and payment history, and pay their bill through a variety of payment options. Residents can make payments from their checking or savings account through their financial institution, or make one-time payments with their debit or credit card.

Real-time Utility Payment Processing

Regardless of the payment method your tenants use, all accounts are updated with new payment/transaction information in real-time. Reports, invoices, and displays will reflect up-to-the-second information. With CWE’s property utilities management software services, you can:

  • Access your data from anywhere in the world, and provide your residents with the same convenience by providing them with their own tailored account.
  • Search payments by amount, check number, account number, or routing information.
  • Match payments to charge types automatically and generate reports with detailed breakdowns.
  • Automate late fee processing with customizable late notices and fees.
  • Run reimbursement batches for any specified period of time (weekly/monthly).
  • And so much more!

Our web-based utility billing software system is flexible, comprehensive, and just as easy to use for your tenants as it will be for your property management and leasing staff. Not to mention, with your resident’s entire transaction history available at their fingertips, your staff will spend less time answering questions by phone or in person. To learn more, contact CWE today!

From precise meter reading through secure wireless transmission to software processing and payment collection, accuracy is important in every step of the utility billing cycle. For this reason, Commercial Water & Energy (CWE) develops accurate utility billing solutions that result in maximum reimbursement. Between CWE’s advanced meter reading equipment partners and utility bill payment processing services, you are assured the most effective and accurate utility reimbursement available.

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