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Utility Expense Management:
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Just four easy steps separate you from quality utility expense management and cost recovery solutions. At Commercial Water & Energy (CWE) Company, when we are presented with a request from a customer to deliver a new utility billing service, we provide maximum efficiency in preparing that community for billing while ensuring key details are not overlooked. With more than a decade of experience serving multi-tenant residential and commercial property owners, CWE has evolved a start-up process that ensures prompt and correct billing the first month and every month thereafter.

  1. Establishing the Right Utility Billing Solution: Understanding the utility needs of your property is the first step. Whether you require water submetering, gas submetering, electric submetering, or time-of-use billing in full, partial, or ratio-utility-billing (RUB) formats, we can provide the solution that’s right for you. Our ability to rapidly develop and release new products allows us to grow and change with the marketplace, and helps us ensure we will be providing the products and services our customers need now and in the future. We will recommend and oversee the efficient installation of quality, affordable metering products.
  2. Software Training and Billing Preparation: Once a utility billing solution is established and the metering products have been installed, the next step is to meet with your management and leasing staff to provide training and answer their questions. Simultaneously, our Customer Service Department will contact your property management staff to request resident or commercial tenant billing information. That information will then be entered into our utility billing software and prepared for billing. We will then calculate the total trash charge, service charge, delinquent penalty assessment date, election to send delinquency notices, etc. in states or municipalities that allow these charges.
  3. Wireless Meter Reading and Automated Billing: The meters are then read monthly at a time substantially similar to your municipal supplier or a time that is most convenient for you. Resident and commercial tenants are billed for their consumption within three days of the meter reading and allowed seventeen days in which to send payments, or as the property defines, which may be as many as 25 days.
  4. Delinquency Notices, Reimbursements and Reports: Your billing register and consumption reports will be made available online on our Property Management Executive Dashboard™. If you have elected to send delinquency notices, they will be sent three days after the due date, notifying the resident or tenants of their delinquency status and pending penalty and interest assessment. Accounts receivable aging summaries are updated daily and made available on our secure website for your review. At every billing cycle date, your account is swept for payments received, our fees are deducted, and a check is printed for reimbursements.

After step four, the cycle beings again. At CWE, our assistance goes beyond the start-up process. We stand by you every step of the way, month after month, year after year. Get started now; contact us today.

Are you in the process of constructing a new multi-tenant residential or commercial property? Do you own or manage an existing property and want to improve your utility bill processing and debt collection? If so, consider the energy payback advantages of the utility submetering and allocation technologies of Commercial Water & Energy (CWE). The capital investment to outfit your community with today’s wireless metering equipment can be substantial, but with CWE, the payback in energy savings is always less than 24 months. We take a life cycle approach to accurately assess the long-term economic costs and benefits of utility submetering implementation. Click here to read more about energy payback potential.

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