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Utility Billing for Retirement and College Dorm Housing

In the past, it was commonplace for a utility company to bill a multi-family property owner through one master meter. Water and energy costs would be borne by the property owner. In effect, a higher rent to residents would factor in these costs. Over time, utility costs have been on a steady incline and residents have had little to no incentive to save water and energy because there is no direct pricing signal. Today, there is a better way. Commercial Water & Energy (CWE) offers customized utility billing and payment processing solutions that help owners better monitor consumption and encourage conservation, particularly among retirement and college dorm housing communities.

Understand Where Water and Energy Utilities Are Going and When They Are Being Used

If you have experienced unexpectedly high utility costs, it’s important to find out why. Perhaps there was a billing error from the utility company, but how can you confirm? By tracking utility usage through CWE’s utility expense management software, you have access to detailed reports that can help document an error in billing. Also, accurate tracking and reporting will help you determine peak demand. Whether you manage a retirement community and find that between 7:00 – 9:00 a.m. residents are waking up and putting on their heat, or supervise college dorm housing and discover students are doing their laundry late at night, this information is valuable in negotiations with the utility company. With CWE, you can track usage through one of three billing options: full capture billing, partial capture billing, and ratio utility billing.

Determine Whether “Green” Initiatives Are Having Positive Effects

These days, people young and old are realizing that it is in the public’s interest to conserve precious natural resources like water and fossil fuel. As a result, many multi-family property owners have started environmentally friendly or “green” initiatives that provide residents with tips they can put into everyday use for a dramatic difference in consumption. By closely monitoring monthly utility bills, residents are better able to gauge the effectiveness of the techniques they implement and work toward a significant decrease in overall consumption.

Monitor your property’s utilities with Commercial Water and Energy’s multi-family community utility billing services. When it comes to water and energy conservation – whether the drive stems from preserving a natural resource or reducing monthly costs – knowledge is power. Understanding one’s usage is necessary in order to reduce the amount of water and energy used and the amount one is billed for.

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