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Energy Payback

It is no secret that today’s utility sub-metering and allocation technologies for new and existing buildings are leading to significant reductions in energy and water usage. This savings, however, sometimes comes with an upfront cost. Although there is minimal capital investment needed for utility allocation, sub-metering is a different story. For sub-metering, a substantial capital investment is required, but with Commercial Water & Energy Co., the payback in energy savings is always less than 24 months.

Sub-metering provides multi-tenant property operations and maintenance the transparency necessary to enable more efficient management of energy and water resources. While sub-meters by themselves have no direct impact on resource use, the data they capture…

  • informs real-time energy and water performance,
  • pinpoints performance variations over time or relative to other buildings,
  • feeds into building automation systems that drive continuous operational improvements,
  • and provides the information needed to encourage behavioral and operational changes by building operators and occupants.

Sub-metering information can lead to a significant reduction in energy use simply through increased awareness and accountability. Evaluating the feasibility and impact of a sub-metering investment requires a life cycle cost approach to accurately assess the long-term economic costs and benefits of implementation. Costs include not only hardware and software, but also the regular maintenance of sub-metering systems and an ongoing program of behavioral and operational improvements for building operators and occupants. Payback time is a common gauge of energy equipment value. Commercial Water & Energy will take the guess work out of how long it will take for your savings to pay for the capital cost of the system. We guarantee a maximum of two years for your payback!

Unplug appliances when not in use, air-dry clothes on drying racks, and set your programmable thermostat as low as is comfortable in the winter and as high as is comfortable in the summer; these are just some of the ways you can conserve energy every day throughout the year. With Commercial Water & Energy’s submetering solutions, remote meter reading equipment, and utility management software, you can better monitor gas and electricity usage, better manage unusually high spikes or drops and better gauge conservation measures over time. Using a little less energy will help us preserve our resources and protect our planet.

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