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Submeter Installation

Choosing to install a submetering solution for gas, water, and/or electricity in your rental property will streamline your utility billing system, but it requires the proper installation and licensure to ensure a safe and high quality result. Commercial Water & Energy Co. (CWE) offers utility management solutions for submetering apartments and condominiums and only works with licensed and insured installation contractors that meet CWE’s high standards.

Submetering Solutions for New Construction

The installation department of CWE will schedule the electronic installation of the remote meter reading system with the personnel of the new construction jobsite. As the buildings are nearing completion and released for occupancy, contractors will be able to install the automated meter reading technology. Depending on the number of units, the installation of the meter reading equipment may require multiple stages. Each unit is pre-programmed prior to installation to make the process more efficient. Once installation is complete, all sub-meters and electronic equipment is tested and a meter reading report is provided to ensure all systems are functioning properly.

Utility Management Solutions for Existing Construction

The following details the process the submeter installation team will take during retrofit construction:

  1. Perform a comprehensive site inspection.
  2. Provide your management and maintenance staff with a schedule for installation.
  3. Provide training, develop billing format, and answer any questions from your management and leasing staff.
  4. Pre-program each unit before installing the meter reading equipment to minimize time intrusion.
  5. Completion of the meter installation and wiring occurs at the first unit entry. No further entry into the unit is required once initial installation is complete.

With Commercial Water & Energy, installation begins on schedule, and only highly trained professionals are on the job. CWE also acts as a liaison with all governmental agencies to pull all necessary permits and schedule all inspections. Once installation is complete, your property will be ready to begin the billing process. The remote meter reading system reads all submeters automatically, and CWE will bill the user directly and collect payments. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and CWE customer service is available during normal business hours to assist in making sure you stay satisfied.

At Commercial Water & Energy, we know that exceptional customer service results in an effective utility billing program. You are assigned one customer service representative who can answer all your questions – you will not be transferred to another department. Your CWE rep becomes intimately familiar with your team and learns all that is pertinent about your asset. While our multi-family property management software was designed to be incredibly easy to use, sometimes questions are inevitable. Consequently, when your property managers or leasing staff have concerns regarding our service or products, they count on their CWE team member to provide a solution through email or telephone support. We help you help your residents, which in turn, will keep your property running at full capacity. Click Resident Customer Support to find out more.

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