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Washing dishes or clothes, watering plants, and long showers can all add up to significant water usage in one month’s time. The installation of water meters in multi-tenant properties helps residents keep a close eye on usage and allows property owners to recapture this important utility expense. Commercial Water & Energy (CWE) provides water, electricity, and gas utility submetering, billing, and online payment services that integrate automated meter monitoring with web-based property management solutions. To understand how you can reduce your operating expenses, increase your property value, and more with CWE, it’s important to first understand how water is measured and what types of water meters are available. Read on to learn more.

How is Water Measured

While water charges are for the fresh water that comes out of your taps, sewage charges are for the water you used that goes back into the system as waste to be treated. Most meters measure water volume in one of two units: gallons or cubic feet. Total usage is displayed on a mechanical or electronic register. Traditionally meter reading was done manually, but with today’s automated solutions, water is measured and the data is sent electronically or wirelessly where bills are generated.

Types of Water Meters

While there are two main types of water meters, positive displacement and velocity, there are many variations of each. Positive displacement meters measure water flow against a previously measured volume of liquid held in a small chamber. The flow rate is calculated against the number of times this chamber is filled and emptied. Velocity meters measure the velocity of the flow and translate that into the volume of water flow. Nutating disc and piston meters are both types of positive displacement meters. Turbine, venture, orifice, and ultrasonic are all types of velocity meters.

With so many different types of water meters on the market, it can be difficult to determine the right one for your property. Commercial Water & Energy advises owners on the best system for their application. Not only do the right meters help you accurately bill tenants for water used, but they make it possible for tenants to monitor and alter usage as needed. Contact CWE at 1-305-436-6050 to learn more.

Energy and electricity conservation measures help you reduce monthly utility expenses and enable you to use your savings for other multi-tenant property operations. At Commercial Water & Energy, we don’t just offer unparalleled utility management services. We help property owners establish conservation awareness programs that encourage tenants to find ways to conserve in their everyday lives and make smarter energy-efficient buying decisions. Unplug appliances when not in use, air-dry clothes, replace inefficient light bulbs, and keep your thermostat low in the winter and high in the summer – these are just some of the ways your tenants can conserve. Click here for more energy conservation information.

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