Multi-Tenant Utility Billing & Management Solutions

Training Videos

The following videos explain the user interface of the property managers portal and how to operate within the portal to manage rental accounts. The Login and Interface Tour and the Using the Search videos get users started with how to access the portal and move through its basic functions, while the subsequent videos dive more deeply into specific tools that help managers with their new and existing rental accounts.


Login and Interface Tour


Using the Search Bar


Entering Payments


Making Bill Adjustments


Move In and Move Outs



Whether you are changing from a previous service provider or implementing a utility management program for the first time, Commercial Water & Energy will help you every step of the way. Through customized orientation and training sessions, we’ll help your staff learn to deal with what can be difficult conversations with residents about cost and utility bill processing. We’ll demonstrate the processes that require your staff members’ involvement, and offer insightful ways to learn new features.

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