Multi-Tenant Utility Billing & Management Solutions

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Help with Phase-In Utility Management Strategies

Whether you are changing from a previous service provider or implementing a utilities management program for the first time, Commercial Water & Energy (CWE) Corporation will help you every step of the way. For each community in your portfolio, CWE will create customized orientation and training sessions, so that during the transition process, you are assured prompt and correct billing the first month and every month thereafter. Commercial Water & Energy is committed to providing effective and efficient training for individuals at all levels in your organization.

Get Oriented to a New Utility Billing Methodology

To get you started, a skilled CWE implementation specialist will explain the multi-tenant billing program and the methodology behind it. Whether commercial tenants or residents are just moving in or renewing their lease, we’ll give your staff the tools they need to handle what can be difficult conversations about cost and utility bill processing. During orientation, we’ll work with your property managers to ensure that they have a solid understanding of the new utility billing methodology and that they are equipped with the right answers to tenants’ frequently asked questions.

Train through Hands-on Tasks and Real-world Scenarios

CWE’s property support specialists will demonstrate the processes that require your staff members’ involvement and will provide useful information, allowing your staff members to manage the utility billing program on their own. Your leasing office staff members will know what their responsibilities are and they will have an opportunity to practice online property management software functions and reporting before putting them into actual use. In fact, our CWE specialists can even help with role playing, so staff members can experience real-world scenarios before they happen. In addition, our property support specialists will educate your staff members on what we’ll do for them when the utility billing system is in full operation.

Improve Skills, Learn New Features, and Train Staff Turn-Over

Follow-up training sessions are offered to help those who want to improve their skills or learn new features. In just a matter of days, you’ll be more productive and embracing new information. As regulatory guidelines evolve, we’ll be there to show you the way. Plus, as new staff members join your community, CWE will help get them oriented, acclimated, and trained, so that they can hit the ground running right from the start. Regardless of your goals, we’ll help you achieve them.

At CWE, we stand by you to ensure your team is confident and well-trained on their new tools. Join the growing number of multi-tenant communities that are experiencing the benefits of partnering with Commercial Water & Energy for comprehensive utility management and billing solutions. Contact us to get started today!

What are some ways to conserve water? Turning off the water when brushing your teeth, shortening the time you spend in the shower, and running washing machines with only full loads. Educating your tenants about what they can do to conserve will help keep water utility bills low and overall operating costs for your multi-tenant property manageable. Training residents to report leaks will both lower water costs and reduce water damage issues. Submetering lets residents see and understand their water use. Meters are installed on each water line servicing individual units and with Commercial Water & Energy’s automated meter reading systems and utility management software, each unit can be monitored and occupants can keep better tabs on individual usage.

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