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Multi-tenant residential and commercial properties are among today’s asset-intensive industries. For such industries, there is a driving need for solutions that can minimize asset downtime and production disruptions while securing correct data quality. One of the primary concerns associated with implementing new property management software for utility billing is the integration process. At Commercial Water & Energy (CWE), we have established a fast-paced integration approach that eases the transition for property management and leasing staff, as well as tenants. CWE’s utility billing solutions minimize asset downtime and disruption by managing the entire lifecycle, from start of use to ongoing management.

Click Start-up Assistance to read more about CWE’s lifecycle utility expense management approach. When you first contact CWE, we can introduce to you tools, technologies, and processes designed to improve asset utilization and minimize disruptions to your business operations. We help clients execute rapid integrations to achieve desired synergies and allow for a quick return to ‘business as usual.’ Not only does this free up human and financial capital for reinvestment in core operations, but it enables our clients to complete a greater number of transactions in a shorter period of time. Disciplined planning, a well-coordinated launch, and a relentless focus on correct data processing are key at CWE.

There are cases when integration is not needed. For example, if CWE processes payments, there is no need for integration. For bill only communities, CWE offers alternative, flexible solutions.

Why make the switch to automated, wireless meter reading systems with Commercial Water & Energy? By eliminating external wires or connections, system installation is fast and maintenance is easy. Meter readings are transmitted via the property’s local Internet service using a standard Ethernet connection, and real-time data is available through daily email, FTP, or web-based access. Plus, if your structure or terrain present a challenge to signal broadcast, our systems will help ensure clean transmission by providing a signal boost at key locations. Contact Commercial Water & Energy and we’ll help you determine the right wireless system for your multi-family community.

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