Oldest at FAA Conference

When National Apartment Association published an excerpt of Leopold Hawthorne’s historic interview a few days ago, many industry insiders were surprised. How could it be that some multifamily experts didn’t even know there was a 300 year old property manager? Would they ever have opportunity to make acquantance with Leopold Hawthorne?

Although Mr. Hawthorne treasures his privacy, CWE has convinced him to launch a national tour. It all starts at Florida Apartment Associaion Annual Conference today through Friday. Meet Leopold Hawthorne at CWE’s booth – #320.

Forgive him if he seems a little cranky at the ripe old age of 300. Don’t be shocked if he complains about troublesome tenants and terrible vendors of yesteryear. You might want  to pay attention when he sings the virtues of submetering and RUBS – or at least humor him!

Click below to see where he is interviewed by Mitch Drimmer. To let us know what you think, make a comment below…or if you want to know more about submetering or RUBS, click here.

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