Free Submeters?

In many locales, when a multifamily project’s submetering expense is addressed properly, the developer can reduce and sometimes even purge the hardware costs from its budget.

Many states and municipalities allow the third-party billing company to include a small line-item in the utility bills that will be sent to residents in order to compensate for the hardware costs over time. It makes sense – as local utilities and governments need to encourage conservation, this policy encourages developers to submeter properties and be green.

If you’d like your submeters at a reduced cost or possibly at no cost, tell us about your project. We’ll tell you what is and isn’t allowed in your project’s locale. In areas where hardware cost can be passed off, we’ve got excellent financing options suited for your needs – it’s our job to save you money.  Click here to find out how submeters can be free.

Steve Hirsch

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