squealing toilet

Listen to me…I’ve sprung a leak and you need to call maintenance RIGHT NOW!

If only there was a way to get tenants to report leaky toilets, wouldn’t that be great? After all, each leaky toilet wastes up to 6,000 gallons per month.

Drum roll…there is a way! It’s called SQUEALING TOILET™ What is a SQUEALING TOILET™? Here’s two things that it is not:

  • It’s not really a whole toilet.
  • It doesn’t exactly squeal.

Here’s what SQUEALING TOILET™ is:

  • New guts for a toilet – adjustable pressure cleaning fill valve, flapper & dual flush converter.
  • Leak-resistant with expected 5 year life span.
  • If and when it does leak, it emits a sound so irritating 😈, your residents will always report the leak!

That’s why we call it the SQUEALING TOILET©. To find out more, fill out the blue form to your right ➡ In the blank for “Other Description,” write SQUEALING TOILET.