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How It Works: Protecting Residents & Properties

Aqua Mizer toilet flush system provides superior performance, water efficiency, and property protection. exceeding any traditional flush system available today.

How Aqua Mizer Prevents Water Loss

In the case of traditional flush mechanisms, a worn-out or misaligned flapper lets water through. When the water level drops from the leak, the fill mechanism is activated again and again. This continues until the flapper is replaced and/or aligned properly, wasting between 200 – 400 gallons per day.

Aqua Mizer solves the problem. Water flows into the tank only when activated by the flush handle itself—not by lack of water in the tank. Water fills from both the top and bottom. The water flowing from the top fills an encapsulated float, which shuts off the water flow after a set period of time. In the case of a leak, no more than one full tank of water is ever wasted.

How Aqua Mizer Prevents Floods

When a traditional flapper is worn or dislodged and the toilet gets clogged, nothing stops the flow of water from tank to bowl, then from bowl to floor. The 200 – 400 gallons per day that would leak down through the outlet spills out onto the floor, causing serious property damage. If the tank itself becomes damaged, water flow can be even greater, spilling up to 3,000 – 4,000 gallons of water a day. The patented Aqua Mizer encapsulated float fills and shuts off water intake whether or not the tank water level rises. Even when a tank is totally broken, catastrophic flooding doesn’t occur.

High Efficiency Flushing with the Aqua Mizer

The Aqua Mizer system offers other advantages. The Aqua Mizer flapper is extra thicker, higher quality, and weighted. The weighted design allows for a flatter shape, which results in higher draining volume into the flush valve than with the traditional cone-shaped flapper. The Aqua Mizer flapper provides a higher flush velocity that helps prevent clogs and uses up to 52% less water per flush.

The Aqua Mizer Advantage

52% water savings per flush
Stops leaking toilets
Prevents catastrophic failures
Higher flush velocity to reduce clogs
Pays for itself in as little as 180 days

Use our Cost Savings Calculator to find out what your cost savings will be with the Aqua Mizer system. Submit a monthly water bill for an even more accurate savings estimate, or feel free to contact us directly for more information.

Save water, save time, and save money with the Aqua Mizer Solution®.

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