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Go Green to Earn Green

Go Green to Earn Green Without Investing Lots of Green

Why invest $350 to $400 per each 1.28 gallons-per-flush toilet? Aqua Mizer is the way to go.

  • Investment averages $155 per toilet instead of $350 for a new 1.28-gallon toilet.
  • 10-year warranty on Aqua Mizer Flush System
  • 5-year warranty on flapper

Qualify for better terms with Fannie Mae and various GSE-type mortgages:

  • Reduce water costs by 25% or more to qualify for benefits
  • Ask your Fannie Mae DUS lender about saving basis points with Green Rewards or Green Preservation Plus
  • Freddie Mac’s Green Advantage offers 30 basis-point discounts

Saving analysis and ROI on 200-unit asset with annual water cost of $120,000:

  • Average reduction of water cost of 20%, saving $24,000 to the bottom line
  • Payback of the initial investment in 14 months
  • $400,000 equity kick at 6% cap rate
Save water, save time, and save money with the Aqua Mizer Solution®.

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