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Two Ways to Save with Aqua Mizer®


  • CWE gives an itemized proposal based on full site evaluation.
  • Proposal includes Aqua Mizer® system and all additional material if required.
  • No hidden fees—rest assured that costs are exact
  • Terms: 50% deposit, 25% payment after 50% of the project is installed, then final 25% payment upon completion of project
  • Return on Investment: Your monthly savings typically returns your investment in 6 to 14 months.

Finance Option

You have ZERO capital outlay. CWE finances 100% of the labor, the Aqua Mizer® system, and additional material if required.

  • CWE analyzes the water rates from your utility provider and audits your existing bills to determine the average consumption over a time frame (3 months to a year).
  • CWE uses proprietary method to calculate expected water savings based on consumption and number of toilet tanks on your asset.
  • Using the dollar savings expected, CWE determines the number of months required to repay the initial capital investment of installing the AM solution.
  • CWE offers payment plan for you with 75% of projected savings used to repay CWE for advancing 100% of the funds, however long that takes.
  • This process should provide you with positive revenue of 25% of the savings from day one, with no out-of-pocket expense.
  • Once CWE is paid back, you keep 100% of the savings.

CWE Guarantee

You will save minimum 10% on your monthly average—GUARANTEED!

The CWE 100% Program

100% financing
100% paid
from water savings,
we guarantee
100% satisfaction. Read More

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