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Cost Savings with Aqua Mizer® by CWE

The Aqua Mizer flush system helps multi-resident property owners save serious money. Investment is significantly less than toilet replacement.

  • Typical new 1.28-gallon-per-flush toilet ranges between $350 – $400
  • Aqua Mizer flush system typically averages $140 per toilet.
  • The Aqua Mizer system's high efficiency saves up to 52% water per flush.
  • Further potential savings from prevention of water loss from leaks and property damage from overflowing toilets and catastrophic failures.

Average water costs generally come in at around 20%, with payback on initial investment coming within 14 months. For example, a 200-unit property with annual water costs of $120,000 could expect to save $24,000 per year. Use the Cost Savings Calculator below to get a better idea of how much you could save.

Cost Savings Calculator

Total water consumption from latest water bill:
Number of bathrooms on property:
Total water consumption from latest water bill:
Number of bathrooms on property:

Total monthly water consumption savings:

Scan or photograph your monthly water bill and email it to us for an accurate savings estimate


You can purchase the Aqua Mizer system with installation up front, or finance it by paying a percentage of your cost savings until the costs of materials and labor are met; learn more here. Property owners that save on water costs may qualify for a variety of benefits and savings through various federal programs, which you can learn more about here.

You will save a minimum 10% on your monthly average water costs— GUARANTEED!

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