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“In our 1st property we secured a 40% reduction in consumption and a $34,515.00 in reduction on the water/sewer bill … The reduction at our 1st property was so high that Miami Dade Water District flagged our account to make certain THEIR equipment was working properly.”
—David Parday, Contract/Report Administrator, Gatehouse Management Inc.

“Your innovative equipment and approach has produced both large monetary and water savings rewards for our owners. For the seven months after installation we have saved over 3,250,808 gallons of water and $41,980.”
—Steven Simon, Community Association Manager, Hidden Bay

“Post installation of the Aqua Mizer Solution™ there have been ZERO floods at the hotel. The Aqua Mizer equipment prevents toilet floods and eliminates the resultant damage.”
—Michael Moraska, Director of Engineering, Westin® Convention Center, Pittsburgh PA

“The Aqua Mizer Solution™ Team proved to be very professional and went beyond their line of duty in taking care of toilet issues they were not responsible for. Their effectiveness and excellent customer service made the installation process much easier and with great quality.”
—Ajay Patel, CEO, Key Property Group

“Aqua Mizer is a high return vendor and an excellent investment for any apartment property owner.”
—David Parday, Contract/Report Administrator, Gatehouse Management Inc.

“I want you to know that these systems are fantastic leak detection equipment. We installed them and immediately waited for the water not to fill the tank which happens when a leak is detected. We were able to make all our toilets leak free.”
—Ben Wood, Dir. of Engineering, Westin® Hotels & Resorts

“The Aqua Mizer Solution is an extremely beneficial, low-cost answer to reducing water usage and cost and increasing sustainability for our properties and others like them.”
—David Crider, Director of Energy and Sustainability, ESA Management LLC

“Since installing the system in all the rooms of our hotel, we have not had one call for a leaky toilet or one toilet tank flood … we already know we are saving enough in less than a year to easily pay for upgrading the entire convention center.”
—Michael Morasca, Director of Engineering, Westin® Convention Center, Pittsburgh PA

“I strongly recommend your company. The ROI and customer service are truly quite outstanding.”
—Orlando Velazquez Jr., GM, FirstService Residential, Ultra-Luxury Division

“This system has exceeded our expectations, plus it is paying for itself through water and sewer cost savings. Since the system has been installed, we have had no water damage due to leaks from the toilets.”
—Norman Wartman, President, Onyx on the Bay Condominium Association, Inc.

“ … the System is so cost effective and inexpensive, I hope all our Westin's are offered the chance to implement the same Aqua Mizer program that we did at the Westin Grand Vancouver.”
—Ben Wood, Dir. of Engineering, Westin® Hotels & Resorts

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