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Apartment Submetering

Whether high-rise or garden style, multifamily apartment communities generally have one master meter that measures the amount of water, gas, or electricity used by the community and its residents each month. Submetering offers an option in which tenants are billed for actual consumption. Commercial Water & Energy reads the submeters and bills the residents. Residents can pay via mail, online or over the phone. Our bilingual customer service department is ready to answer questions and address issues.

How Apartment Submetering Works

Submetering provides property managers with many benefits, such as reduced utility costs, improved net operating income, and increased property value. Meters are placed in all the units of a community and meter information on utility usage is transferred wirelessly to a utility billing and management system.

Electrical submeter installation requires that a “house” power source, unswitched, be made available at each apartment building within a community. This power source is needed to accommodate the installation of a wireless radio frequency (RF) signal repeater. The repeater is used to increase the range of RF transmissions between the transmitters and the receiver. Not only is the house power needed for initial installation, but it will help support future site expansion and changes in the environment that can effect RF communication (i.e. maturing trees, building changes, etc.).

Apartment submetering through Commercial Water & Energy allows each community in a portfolio to be customized with its own billing charges and billing methods. We offer your residents convenient online payment options and friendly customer service. We provide you with efficient utility billing services and comprehensive reporting to help you manage your portfolio every step of the way.

Exceptional Utility Customer Service

At CWE, every bill matters to us because every resident matters to your community. Our courteous and friendly staff is available from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, while our web service is available 24/7. Our client care team is there to walk through the payment process, help residents decipher their invoices, or whatever the issue may be. Whether our team provides telephone assistance or email support, it is always thorough, timely, and respectful. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction.

Multiple Payment Options

We CWE as your utility billing partner, your residents will have the option to pay their water, gas, or electricity bills online with a debit or credit card or from a bank account, by phone, or by regular mail – whatever method is most convenient for them. Web-based utility billing enables your residents to create their own account and edit account information as needed, view their current bill and payment history, pay or analyze their bill, and sign up for eBills (or electronic billing). The variety of payment options CWE provides ensures that there is at least one method that fits your residents’ lifestyle and budget.

Utility Billing System Start-up Assistance

Whether you are changing from a previous service provider or implementing a utility management program for the first time, CWE will help you every step of the way. Through customized orientation and training sessions, we’ll help your staff learn to deal with what can be difficult conversations with residents about cost and utility bill processing. We’ll demonstrate the processes that require you staff members’ involvement, and offer insightful ways to learn new features.

Trust Commercial Water & Energy to deliver exceptional utility billing services and property management solutions to your multi-housing asset. We’ll help your apartment complex recover utility costs and we’ll be there with you every step of the way as you grow your portfolio.

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