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Accurate Utility Billing

When considering a resident utility billing software system for your multi-tenant property, one aspect remains paramount – accurate utility billing. From precise meter reading through secure wireless transmission, software processing and payment collection, accuracy is important in every step of the utility billing cycle. At Commercial Water & Energy (CWE), we know how essential it is that accurate billing lead to full reimbursement. Our utility billing solutions provide properties with a definable return on investment that can be easily calculated each month to illustrate cost savings.

Accurate Utility Meter Reading

Gathering accurate meter data is essential to maintain system efficiency and productivity. For this reason, CWE advises properties on the optimal meter technology for installation. Meters that are installed in tight inside spaces – under counters, between studs, along pipes that run against the walls – must be installed so that the measuring chamber remains horizontal for accurate readings. Through collaboration with strategic partners, such as Master Meter, Norgas, MeterLogiX, and Inovonics, CWE can recommend specialized meters that fit in challenging spaces. ven when the flow tube is installed horizontally, vertically, or any angle in between, the chamber remains horizontal for maximum performance. For tough, aggressive environments, CWE can recommend meters that combine the advantages of multi-jet technology and a roll-sealed register for stable accuracy. Regardless of the application need, CWE delivers a viable solution.

Reliable Meter Information Transmission

Typically, meter information is read via wireless transmitters and receivers and transmitted back to CWE’s system at which point individual utility bills are generated. Sometimes, however, certain structures or terrain poses a problem for consistently reliable signal broadcast. Commercial Water & Energy can advise you on the best technology that ensures clean data transmission. For example, there are setups available that include a signal boost through flexible power options, such as solar-powered units, positioned at key locations. Whether you require water, gas, electric, or time-of use billing in full capture, partial capture, or ratio utility billing (RUB) formats, we can provide the solution for you. Couple this with our utility bill payment processing services, and you are assured of the most effective and accurate utility reimbursement available.

Today’s multi-family property owners aren’t just improving their curb appeal to increase property value. For mobile homes, apartment communities, condos, commercial centers, or office buildings, regardless of the property type, the value remains proportional to its net operating income (NOI). The higher the NOI, the greater the loan potential and resale value. If your property is valued at an 8% cap rate, every dollar we add to your NOI adds $12.50 to your property value. Recapturing just $100,000 of water cost fetches $1.25 million in property value. With utility expense management services from Commercial Water & Energy, we can help you shift your utilities from your expense statement to your operating income through submetering and allocation solutions. After installation and implementation, your property will have the financial draw buyers look for and you’ll be able to command top dollar. Read more about increasing property values, by clicking here.

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