Multi-Tenant Utility Billing & Management Solutions

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Since 1997, Commercial Water & Energy has focused on the utility allocation, resource conservation, and cost recovery needs of multi-tenant residential and commercial property owners and managers. Our industry-approved meters and remote monitoring equipment ensure that residents and tenants pay fairly for what they consume. Whether you require water, gas, electric, or time-of-use billing in full, partial, or ratio-utility-billing (RUB) formats, we can provide the solution for you.

Our online property management resident portals allow real-time access to account information, as well as property billing and collection performance. Our reputation for quality service and complete customer satisfaction stems from the unprecedented support we provide to tenants and the help we offer property owners with start-up assistance and phase-in strategies. The result is minimized asset disruption and timely and accurate billing. At CWE, we leverage our experience and expertise to provide you with the most effective utility reimbursement and cost recovery solutions available.

Sub-meter Equipment
Installation and Maintenance

Equipment Installation
and Service:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water/Sewer
  • HVAC Run Time
  • Point of Use


  • Full Service
  • On-call

Commercial Water & Energy has access to a 600 truck fleet of installation and maintenance professionals with experience servicing the multi-tenant industry.

Billing Services

Meter Reading

Convergent Billing:

  • Utilities
  • Ancillary Services
  • Rent

Payment Processing:

  • Checks
  • Credit Card
  • E-check


  • Data Services
  • Resident Activity
  • Utility Charges

Online Services:

  • Resident Activity
  • Resident Payments
  • Property Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Reporting Platform

Whether you are in the construction stages of a new development or you want to retrofit an existing property, we’ll help you begin the billing process and install the equipment necessary to read automatically, bill directly, and collect promptly all water, sewer, gas, and electric bills. Don’t waste another month; recapture your utility expenses today with Commercial Water & Energy.

Whether you are changing from a previous service provider or implementing a utility management program for the first time, Commercial Water & Energy will help you every step of the way. Through customized orientation and training sessions, we’ll help your staff learn to deal with what can be difficult conversations with residents about cost and utility bill processing. We’ll demonstrate the processes that require your staff members’ involvement, and offer insightful ways to learn new features.

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