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Make the Switch to Utility Allocation and Sub-metering


Reduce Operating Expenses

Utility costs represent an estimated 35% of the monthly operating costs for a multi-tenant community. Is your multi-tenant property’s operating budget affected by utility rate increases or spikes in tenant usage? Commercial Water & Energy Co. offers utility allocation and sub-metering solutions. In an era of rising utility costs and tightening budgets, Commercial Water & Energy is helping multi-tenant property owners succeed at using energy more efficiently and effectively toward the goal of reducing costs and improving net operating income.


Commercial Water & Energy uses wireless, automated meter reading systems that track individual tenant use on a monthly basis. That energy use data is entered into our property utility management software and each tenant receives a bill based on their individual usage. What’s more, our web-based software tools allow property owners and managers to analyze interval data for load profiling. The combination of energy use and load profiling data helps owners…


  • understand operating patterns,
  • increase operating efficiency,
  • identify malfunctioning equipment,
  • spot scheduling errors,
  • and reduce peak loads by lowering demand charges
    or participating in peak load curtailment programs.


Alternatively, Commercial Water & Energy uses various types of allocation measures, such as ratio utility billing systems (RUBS) to designate general consumption to residents of occupied units. Our utility management solutions provide a simple and effective means of controlling utility costs by making tenants accountable for their utility consumption. Our utility allocation and sub-metering programs increase community cash flow by removing the responsibility of paying for your residents’ utility services.


Visibility into energy usage extends beyond tenant spaces to public, shared, or common areas within a property, allowing employees and managers to initiate water and energy conservation measures in every inch of the vicinity. Sub-metering and utility allocation not only improves the facility bottom line through previously invisible energy savings opportunities, but facilitates compliance with energy conservation initiatives. Decreased water and energy consumption combined with reduced operating costs adds up to a profitable property full of mindful and responsible tenants. Let Commercial Water & Energy Co. provide you with the utility management solutions you need to increase your net operating income.

Make it easy for tenants and residents to pay their utility bills with Commercial Water & Energy’s web-based payment portals. With 24/7 cloud access, tenants are able to create their own account and edit account information, view their current bill and payment history, and pay their utility bill. This real-time, web-based utility billing system takes the guess work out of budgeting monthly gas, water, and electricity expenditures. Commercial Water & Energy’s utility billing software system offers tenants a variety of payment options: one-time payment by debit or credit card, automatic monthly withdrawals, and more. Ease of use and constant accessibility are features of utility bill processing your tenants will come to appreciate so that they can manage their utilities month by month.

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