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Customer support


Customer Service

Filling vacant tenant spaces and keeping residents satisfied are critical in maintaining a successful multi-family community. Making sure that residents receive the assistance they need and providing convenient utility payment methods are two sure-fire ways to keep your property running at full capacity most, if not all, of the time.


At Commercial Water & Energy (CWE), we know how important customer service is to your multi-family community. That’s why we have established a client care team that provides friendly and responsive service to residents who contact us regarding their utility billing questions. Whether our team provides telephone assistance or email support, it is always thorough, timely, and respectful.


How Exceptional Customer Service
Results in an Effective Utility Billing Program

Residents who enroll in CWE’s web-based utility billing system have 24/7 access to a personal account where they can view their current water, natural gas, or electric bill; review their payment history; and pay their bill through a variety of payment options. Alternatively, your property management staff has access to a broad range of in-depth reporting metrics. Although our software system was designed to be extremely easy to use, sometimes questions are inevitable. Our client care team is there to walk through the payment process, help residents decipher their invoices, or whatever the issue may be. In addition, when your property managers or leasing staff have questions or concerns regarding our service or products, you can count on CWE to provide the solution.


Commercial Water & Energy is committed to complete customer satisfaction, so that the implementation and management of your utility billing program is smooth and your multi-family property is successful.

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